Globe Telecom, Inc. sought the government’s support for telecommunications companies (telcos) to ensure the creation of reliable fixed broadband infrastructures in the Philippines.

“The government and the telcos need to collaborate now, more than ever, to lay down and build the necessary infrastructures to deliver the required connectivity as more Filipinos adapt to the new normal, said Gil Genio, chief technology and information officer and chief strategy officer at Globe.

Globe expressed frustrations that the company’s plan to expand and put up broadband infrastructures has been facing hurdles due to various reasons, most of which are the complex permitting requirements mandated by local government units (LGUs) and opposition from hostile homeowners associations.

The telco giant stressed that the company could bring the digital experience to more Filipinos, especially in remote areas of the country where broadband infrastructures fall short, with the government’s support. Globe eyes spend over P60 billion on infrastructure development to increase capacity and network upgrades nationwide this 2020.


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