Globe continues its initiatives to support the Department of Education (DepEd) by helping public school educators through free professional development training. This is to provide teachers with essential knowledge and skills on digital literacy, blended learning, and 21st-century learning methods. The program is implemented through a combo of webinars and downloadable self-paced materials for teachers to apply their learnings.

Globe also partnered with Habi Education Labs and Teach for the Philippines, both well known for their exceptional work in forwarding 21st-century learning in public schools nationwide, especially in pushing for remote learning.

Habi Education Labs is a non-profit organization known for developing progressive approaches to teaching that helps foster creativity in the classroom. Meanwhile, Teach for the Philippines focuses its efforts on improving teacher quality and addressing education challenges at the system-level.

The program is under Globe’s Global Filipino Teachers (GFT) initiative aimed to deliver information and technology-based training to public school teachers across the country since 2009. The GFT sessions were also hosted led by both organizations, covering topics, such as parental engagement, teaching reading in the context of distance learning as part of early language literacy, and new approaches in instruction using digital learning.

The GFT Series is open to all teaching and non-teaching staff of DepEd nationwide, which will be streamed via the Globe Bridging Communities Facebook Page and will be shared by DepEd on the main DepEd Philippines Facebook Page.

Globe is committed to supporting the United Nations Development Goal No. 4 which promotes inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.

For more information about Globe’s sustainability efforts, visit


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