Globe urged its mobile customers to migrate to 4G/LTE to enjoy the benefits of its modernization efforts to improve further their connectivity and data experience.

The 4G technology offers higher bandwidth or faster data speed, improved network responsiveness which means lower latency, higher network capacity, backward compatibility, and future-proofing. By using 4G/LTE, customers can download content, web pages, stream video, and music within seconds, and is free of buffering. Using 4G/LTE technology also leads to faster and more efficient interactions using apps that promote cashless transactions like GCash and minimize exposure to risks from COVID-19.

To fully experience the advantages of 4G/LTE, Globe customers are encouraged to check if their SIM cards are 4G-capable. Globe postpaid and prepaid customers only need to text SIM CHECK to 8080. Those who are still using 3G SIM may bring their SIMs to the nearest Globe Stores to upgrade to 4G SIM for free. See for an appointment.

Aside from the Philippines, more countries are also moving away from 3G technology to 4G/LTE including Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand to name a few.


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