Globe Business partnered with Supply Chain Leaders to support Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as they’re still trying to find their place in this digitally-driven environment.

Shifting online and the process that comes with it makes it an overwhelming leap for MSMEs, especially when they have other facets of the business to focus on with limited resources and workforce to do so. Fortunately, Globe Business understands the struggles of MSMEs and sees to it to find solutions to their needs.

To that end, Globe Business encourages MSMEs to invest in ICT solutions that meet digital demands– with the excellent twist that they no longer worry about the complicated stuff. It’s ready to equip MSMEs with the latest ICT tools by collaborating with several business partners. These business partners include Ninja Van, Lazada Philippines, 1Export, and Zalora.

“Re-tell your Retail: The Digital Move” webinar. (Source: Globe)

Besides several partnerships with business leaders, Globe Business also reaches out to MSMEs to train them with the right skills, know-how, and perspective to grow their business. This is where its 3-part web event series comes to play. It’s entitled, “Biz is it! Supply Chain Stories for Future Success, respectively retail, logistics and manufacturing,” where guests shared real-world challenges and the role of digital solutions in facilitating business.

“​​Be very solution-driven. Don’t do what you usually do. Do things beyond what you usually do,” advised Yshana Wong, Strategic Partnerships and Seller Services Lead of Lazada Philippines.

The previous series, called “Re-tell your Retail: The Digital Move,” has aired last August 12. Business owners can watch the previous installment of Globe Business’ 3-part web series here.

To get started and learn more of what Globe Business has to offer, visit its’ official webpage here.


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