The Department of Education (DepEd) and Globe together took on the initiative to create a program to educate teachers and parents on online safety for students.

The Digital Thumbprint Program (DTP) workshop series tackles on digital citizenship, online safety, and the responsible use of the internet. And as the opening of classes nearing, Globe in-class DTP module into online modules tackled through a series of webinars under the Global Filipino Teacher Series.

In the teacher’s module, it focuses on improving critical thinking to ensure that the information they teach to the students in teaching is based on facts and is correctly cited with credible sources.

Meanwhile, the parents’ module tackles responsible parenting amid the digital era, giving them an awareness of possible risks such as cyberbullying, video game addiction, offline meetings, and online sexual behavior.

These webinars are streamed and available for replay at Globe Bridging Communities Facebook page and the DepEd official Facebook page. To know more, visit


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