With the COVID on a new rampage, more and more Filipinos become conscious of how they spend their money. Gamers are no exception.

If you’re looking for free games but without the hassle of checking updates online, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be running down a list of where you can always be up to date on free games as it pops up:

Steam Free Games

Those using Steam can benefit from this website, which features all Steam games currently for free while showing their ratings. You can also utilize the search bar to check for specific titles you’re hoping to be free.

The website is direct and straightforward, but lacking in features makes it not a convenient platform to go to. Unless you’re fine with checking out the websites now and then, this site may not be your go-to due to lacking convenience.

Games Free Today

Games Free Today is another simple website that offers more perks than Steam Free Games, such as email feature that sends you updates on free games in renowned online retailers (E.g. Epic Games and Indie Gala). Another notable feature it has is it lets you know how long the game is free.

These features and more are what make this a better platform than the first. However, subscribing to the site sometimes freezes in the process. So if that happens, just refresh it until it works.

Opera GX

If you heard of the Opera browser, you might not have heard of its gaming counterpart. It features a dashboard serving as a calendar for upcoming games, new titles, sweet deals, and free games right on your browser. It also displays trailers and upcoming new games on the dot for you, so you won’t miss a single thing.

Opera GX is also a chromium-based browser (like Google) as well, so switching will not be too difficult. It also comes with other features unique from others. If you’re an all-around gamer who needs to be filled in on everything about gaming, this must be for you.


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