The leading online commerce platform Shopee provides ready access to work-from-home essentials for customers so they wouldn’t have to. These essentials are aligned amid the present pandemic that smoothly shifts employees from traditional office lifestyles to work-from-home arrangements.

Shopee offers these affordable must-haves in your work-from-home setup:

Sturdy Desk For Small Spaces

For those who have narrow space at home for work. Shopee gives you the ideal work desk that covers a minimal area as possible, all the while sturdy and comfy to use that enables you to focus and get into your ‘work zone.’

Ergodynamic High Back Mesh Office Chair

An office chair may have been an underrated item to use, but getting the right chair to endure the long hours of work. Having a well-made chair that supports your behind and eases you to the proper posture erases distractions from your work.

Nordic Solid Wood LED Table Lamp

Having the right lighting for your work environment enhances your productivity and concentration. This means a good lamp bright enough to read comfortably that prevents eye strain, headaches, and fatigue.

TP Link Router

Last but not least is having a dependable internet connection while working from home. Shopee offers a seamless tool to provide you a boost in connectivity and productivity so you wouldn’t have to deal with frustrating network speed.


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