Komo app features Generate Bank Certificate

EastWest Bank’s Komo launched its Generate Bank Certificate feature on the app.

The feature is user-friendly, where users can generate a bank certificate directly from the app. This makes it more convenient than physically going to the bank.

Here are the steps to get one on the app:

1. Tap the Bank Certificate button on the menu bar (upper left)
2. Tap ‘Generate Bank Certificate’
3. Choose the purpose of the request
4. Enter the recipient entity’s address and details
5. Tap on ‘Generate Request’
6. It’ll generate the bank certificate in real-time, sending the certificate to the Komo customer’s verified email address

Of course, the bank certificate is secured via password and is signed by an authorized signatory. Furthermore, the bank certificate from Komo is credible as the one acquired from bank branches.

The Komo app records all requested bank certificates. Customers can also review, re-download and resend the email with the attached bank certificate.

There’s also no limit on the number of Bank Certificates the customer can generate. However, the app limits the resending and re-downloading of each certificate by up to 20 times a day.

The app is available to download from the Google PlayStore, AppStore, or the Huawei App Gallery. Users can register with one valid ID, and the debit card will be automatically delivered to the chosen address.


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