American multinational auto company Ford sets its eyes for the race gaming community for a collab by the next few months or so in launching a program that will craft together the “ultimate virtual racing car” called “Team Fordzilla P1.”

It won’t be based on an existing real-life model, but rather, to create a brand-new virtual car made by the collaboration of Ford and gaming community which the will be used by the Fordzilla Esports team.

Five captains from the brand’s different international Esports teams contributing to the project, gamers are being invited to collaborate with Ford Motor Company and “have a hand in creating the ultimate track machine.”  Through series of Twitter polls, the gaming community will have the hand of making important decisions in its design phase, from the engine to the shape of the cockpit.

The starting process of Team Fordzilla – P1 will be launched this week. You can follow the process via Fordzilla’s Twitter and Instagram profiles.