A Filipino space travel startup will use renewable, low-cost fuel to send its first rocket into space, addressing two problems with one solution: sustainability and access to space.

Orbital Exploration Technologies (OrbitX) will make this possible by developing the country’s first-ever suborbital launch, a kind of vehicle that travels in space high enough to reach the “edge” of outer space.

The launch, dubbed as the OrbitX Haribon SLS-1, will be using fuel derived from plastics and has a carrying capacity of an aircraft up to 200kg. The company targeted the launch around 2023 and 2024.

The OrbitX is also in a research phase together with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines to develop another organic, sustainable fuel that uses methane fuel derived from algae.

The startup has a clear-cut and sincere goal in making space technology more prominent in the country and advocating sustainability.

Startup founder Dexter Baño, Jr. said that people are complaining about spending time on space without being aware of climate change, in which he addressed both of these without a hitch.

It’s a far-fetched reality, but Baño saw it possible that the development of cheap biofuel may just become the base of building a sustainable fuel use on earth and in space in the long run. He claims that it would yield something beneficial for outer space and our home planet.


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