Following millennials, more and more Filipinos under Generation Z (Gen Z) are filling up the workforce, a trend which will become more prominent in the coming years.

Gen Z Filipinos are much more adept at utilizing technologies. They would want to work in a place that ensures efficiency and convenience so they can focus more on what they’re passionate about.

For this reason, this generation should learn how some financial technology (fintech) apps could help them in their journey:

GCash: All-round online banking

GCash is the most widely used online banking app, thanks to its various convenient features that even Gen Z Filipinos would find very attractive.

Its features include being able to invest money, buy load or gaming credits, get an insurance plan, settle your bills, fees, and even payable government transactions. Gen Zs can practically do everything they need with GCash.

CLIQQ: 7-Eleven loyalty rewards e-wallet

Many Gen Zs are 7-Eleven customers, which is why having the app that rewards 7-Eleven frequent visitors is a must for them.

CLIQQ allows users to earn points that can be converted into consumable data, free Internet access inside stores, or even add online cash through your existing e-wallets like GCash.

PayPal: Worldwide online payment

Paypal is ideal for Gen Zs taking up freelancing jobs, especially when dealing with clients abroad. It also allows users to shop products in other countries.

Ipon: 52 Weeks Challenge

Gen Zs would also want to make room for monetary savings. But discipline and pleasure don’t go well with one another, especially if you are eyeing too much on monthly sales of your favorite brands.

Thankfully, this Filipino-based app helps Gen Zs save money and track their financial goals in a gamified way.

Through a series of challenges, Ipon: 52 Weeks Challenge keeps their hands off their wallet through alerts when it’s time to save.

Daily Expenses: Financial management

It’s not only accountants who are required to use a financial ledger. Those who are responsible and financially conscious would also want to make sure their money is wisely spent,

Gen Zs would appreciate using the Daily Expenses app to record their expenses by date which can be viewed as a weekly, monthly, or yearly report. This way, they can control their money and set a budget.


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