With stricter quarantine measures imposed in Greater Manila, students, teachers, and workers alike are more than ever in a rush to find computers on hand with a tight budget. But there’s no way to find affordable computers with good specs. When it comes down to it, you’ll have to settle for a pre-owned and refurbished computer.

Thankfully, Facebook is a platform with a lot of things. If you dig deeper, you’ll find legitimate communities and pages who are reselling second-handed computers or old generation models that passed behind the trend but is functional and serves the purpose.

Here are the legitimate communities and pages to score budget-friendly pre-owned computers that suit your needs:

TNC Computer Warehouse

Image may contain: text that says 'TNC WAREHOUSE COMPUTER (0917) 894 5041 0917 709 0205 � MESSAGE US TO ORDER'

Yes, the same renowned gaming computer cafe that has the iconic black-and-orange wild animal as their logo. They launched the TNC Computer Warehouse group for communities to resell desktop computers and computer parts that you pretty much see in their cafe at a very affordable price.

Aside from selling a complete set of computer desktop, there are other sweet deals for gamers who need upgrading their computers. Join the group and feel free to contact them on Facebook.

Gadget Online Shop

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Gadget Online Shop offers second-hand laptops with good specs ranging from study purposes up to your gaming needs depending on your budget. The products come with a free mouse and pouch or bag alongside a 1-month service warranty.

Based on the positive reviews by customers, this online shop is highly recommended as a safer and recognized reseller. Check out their available lineup of laptops costing from P13,000 to P43,000 on their Facebook page.

Laptap Enterprises – 2nd Hand Computers

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Laptap Enterprises is a highly renowned reseller page for pre-owned computers, laptops, and parts, which has a broader roster to choose from and impressively organized. If you want a more latest generation processors, you’ll expect them to be pricier, and vice versa.

However, they only deliver in nearby areas of Mandaue City, so take that what you will. You may find more details on their Facebook page.

Your Circle of Facebook Friends

Is It OK for Managers and Employees to Be Facebook Friends? | Inc.com

Among the few keys to avoid getting scammed in any way possible when it comes to buying pre-owned computers online is knowing who sells them. And what better way to be sure is among your circle of friends on Facebook instead?

You can ask around who knows who sells their computers by putting it up to your wall or stories for everyone to see, or ask your close friends who know a friend who may be selling computers at a reasonable price. This way, the seller is referred by someone you have a connection to.


When it comes down to buying second-handed computers on Facebook or elsewhere on the internet, a great deal of caution is never wrong. Always ask for more information on both the seller and the product you’re interested in buying. While prices needed to be posted in public, at the end of the day, PM is still the key.


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