The Briones family of actors in the LA premiere of “Star Trek: Picard” (from left): Jon Jon, Isa, Megan and Teo —STHANLEE B. MIRADOR

She was only 19-years old as she was finishing her “Hamilton” stint when just a couple of years fast she got her biggest break landing the Dahj role in CBS Television Studios’ “Star Trek: Picard.”

“It was definitely a 21st birthday that I’ll never forget,” Filipino-American world-class actress Isa Briones said about her birthday on January 17. “People kept reminding me. They were like, ‘What was I doing on my 21st birthday? I was in Vegas getting drunk. You’re actually walking the red carpet. You’re hanging out with Patrick Stewart. Not everybody does that.’

“But it was exciting to be doing something so special to me on such a special day as well because we’re all so passionate about this show. And the fact that we get to be promoting it, talking about it, and sharing it with the people who have been waiting years to see this iconic character come back, was really exciting.

“In the auditorium in which we were screening the first three episodes, they all sang the birthday song to me. I definitely got very emotional because it made me reflect on the fact that I’m only 21, and this is what I get to do. I’m so lucky.”

Sir Patrick divulged that the talented actress whom he requested to audition with among the cast, impressed him. He commended the world class actress, stating on January 16 that, “She feels safe and secure in the world that the producers and directors have created for her. It was a very wise move. And I’m not just speaking now in a politically correct sense.”