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Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team launched a mobile app that targets creative audiences and hobbyists.  Called “Hobbi”, the app actually looks and functions like the American social media web and mobile app “Pinterest”.

According to the details in the App Store, the three main purposes of Hobbi is “to document and organize one’s creative process, to review one’s progress made on a particular project or craft over time, and to share one’s accomplishments or growth with friends and family members.” This is quite similar to Pinterest boards.

Hobbi may continue to roll out as long as it comes out successful. Otherwise, it will simply disappear, like previous apps that were created by Facebook’s NPE team.

Hobbi is available for download on iOS devices within select regions for its soft launch. It will be enjoyed by Android users if it has garnered enough attention for it to be deserving of a global audience.