Facebook Jobs

Facebook recently announced it would be making dramatic changes to its Job posting feature beginning on February 22, 2022. 

It’s is a feature in the social media platform that allows users to post job opportunities either on their page or listed on the dashboard. With the new update, the company will make a lot of alterations to it, specifically:

  • Existing Facebook Groups with a “Jobs” group type will be changed to the “General” group type, and the “Jobs” group type will no longer be available.
  • The ability to distribute free jobs via a partner integration with the Jobs on Facebook API will no longer be available.
  • It will no longer be available on the Facebook Lite app or Facebook mobile website (m.facebook.com/jobs) for employers and seekers.
  • The Jobs on the Facebook browser will no longer be available.
  • Jobs on Facebook is shutting down outside of the United States and Canada.

On the other hand, Facebook will keep some parts of the feature as it is, which are: 

  • Employers in the United States and Canada can continue to use the feature on Facebook tools to create job postings from their Page for free on the Facebook app and Facebook desktop website (www.facebook.com). They can also choose to boost their posts as ads.
  • Employers in the United States and Canada will continue to manage their job applications and view details about all their job posts (boosted & non-boosted) through the Inbox and Manage Jobs sections of their Page.
  • Job seekers in the United States and Canada can continue to apply to positions using Job on Facebook product features like clicking Apply now on the job post, which will bring them to the detail view and then to an application form.

To know more about this new update on Facebook Jobs, check out Facebook’s blog post about it here.


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