We’ve been told that our brains are very sophisticated. An adult human brain can store about 2.5 million gigabytes of digital memory.

The brain also has its limitations and these prevent the majority of people from having the capability to read other people’s minds. Internet giant Facebook, however, plans to overcome the limitation through technology.

By adopting artificial intelligence (AI), Facebook aims to develop a new neural sensor that can read people’s minds and convert these thoughts into physical actions.

Facebook bared it would be taking neural signals from the brain via the spinal cord, arms, and wrists. The mind-reading tech could be applied to several fields, such as the capability to control a game using the mind.

The tech may sound like a tall order, even if Facebook already relies on AI to moderate its platform. Still, the notion itself has the potential to turn into reality in the distant future.

But it isn’t likely for users to welcome another invasive technology developed by Facebook, the same company infamous for being intrusive to personal information.

If Apple’s recent privacy labels were anything to go by, users would speculate that Facebook’s move is another way of tracking them and their data directly to the core.


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