Facebook gaming extends licensed music to streamers

Good news for Facebook gaming streamers, the company announced it will be providing access to licensed music for those part of the Partner and Level Up Creators.

This means streamers under Partner and Level Up Creators can play any background music in their livestreams on Facebook. They can also pick from their list of music and clips made from livestreams and video-on-demand streams.

To commemorate this new feature, the company will also host an online live events called, #PlayLoud, where renown gaming streamers are paired with famous DJs. These music artists include DJ Khaled, Diplo, LP Gibbio, and Angel + Dren. Meanwhile, their gaming creators have fan favorites MissesMae, QueenEliminator, StoneMountain64, and King Bach.

The online series will have three upcoming episodes. Stay tuned on Facebook Gaming at fb.gg/FacebookGaming.


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