Epson Inkjet’s Heat-Free Technology can help Businesses and the Environment. Contributed photo.

Epson WorkForce Enterprise inkjet printers not only help businesses prosper but also protect the environment.

Epson’s printers do this by utilizing the next-generation PrecisionCore printhead technology which succeeds Micro Piezo technology.

PrecisionCore printhead technology uses mechanical pressure that doesn’t require heat, making it an outstanding heat-free technology than any other.

Epson’s heat-free printhead technology benefits both businesses and the environment in four ways:

  • Save time with its consistent high-speed printing. When standard printers require time to warm up first to run, Epson’s Inkjet heat-free printers don’t have any such delays. When using the Epson WorkForce Enterprise C20590, it only takes 6.2 seconds for users to collect the first page.
  • Less power consumption saves energy and money. Epson inkjet printers with heat-free tech don’t require a fuser unit to heat, lessening energy consumption. These inkjet printers need 85% less power to operate, and they only generate around 85% less carbon dioxide compared to other printers.
  • Fewer replacement parts, lower environmental impact. In terms of components and replacement, Epson inkjet printers only use fewer parts that need replacing with printheads not consumable, translating environmental-friendly in terms of manufacturing and recycling additional resources.
  • Less intervention increases productivity. The Epson inkjet with heat-free structures also applies to how many parts can fail, which is just a few, reducing the number of interventions needed. There will also be no heat damage to the printheads, which ensures they will last, promoting improved reliability, significantly reduced downtime, and lower costs in the long run.


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