Epic Games Store gives away Galactic Civilizations III for free at a limited time!


Epic Games Store featured a 4X indie game, Galactic Civilizations III, as this week’s free listing!

It takes a sci-fi spin on strategy 4X-based games like the Civilization franchise, set on the expansive galaxy! Players build a civilization that could last and prosper, choose unique races, and even make a name for themselves across the universe through diplomacy, espionage, and technological advances, among others.

Its strong suit is its replayability. Finishing the game once doesn’t mean it’s not over, as you get to repeat the game as if it’s an entirely different playthrough altogether. It also eliminates linear victory conditions, offering you various sorts of objectives depending on how you want to win it. 

Galactic Civilizations III is currently free for a limited time up until January 21, 2022, exclusively at Epic Games Store. Simply get an account to claim them here