The Philippines is brimming with natural resources that many of us take them for granted and ignore environmental threats.

The recent natural calamities remind us that we’re not doing enough to preserve and conserve our environment. While they are inevitable, their impact can be alleviated or worsened.

Flash floods, for instance, have worsened partly due to the rapid industrialization and clogging of waterways, according to Philippine government engineers.

It’s high time that we need to be more sensitive to the situation of our environment today.

Here are some organizations that you should follow on social media to stay informed about environmental concerns.

Greenpeace Philippines (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram)

Greenpeace Philippines is a volunteer-based organization known for empowering citizens to be informed about environmental issues and promote ecological farming. It holds initiatives against land, air, and water pollution.

Earth Shaker PH (Facebook, Twitter)

Earth Shaker is a youth organization that actively spreads factual and science-based information under earth science, including environment and ecosystem protection.

World Wide Fund for Nature (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

One of the most prominent environmental conservation organizations, the World Wide Fund for Nature pursues initiatives and programs related to food and water security, livelihood, wildlife conservation, and climate change.

Save Philippine Seas (Instagram)

Save Philippine Seas is a non-profit organization in the country devoted to collaborating with national leaders and partners to provide clean and potable water for Filipino communities.

Haribon Foundation (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

This Filipino non-profit organization aims to be a steward for the Philippine biodiversity to save and tend to different bird species and conserve their habitats while educating people about them.



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