The National Privacy Commission (NPC) said there’s no harm for employers exercising their legitimate interest to monitor their employees remote working with the use of monitoring software on the devices issued by the company.

As long as the company doesn’t violate employees’ rights and freedoms of their employees and adheres to the general data privacy principles, NPC clarified.

“We reiterate the discussions in NPC Advisory Opinion No. 2018-048: monitoring employee activities when he or she is using an office-issued computer may be allowed under the DPA (Data Privacy Act), provided that processing falls under any of the criteria for lawful processing under Sections 12 and 13 of the law,” said NPC.

NPC also advised that employers should be truthful to their staff and to inform their employees about the monitoring policy.

The commission suggested conducting a privacy impact evaluation of the monitoring software to determine the hazards and moderating capacity, as well as outlining clear policies of the monitoring procedures.


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