Global power management firm Eaton chose Electrotrade Industries Inc. as its exclusive distributor for its xEnergy switchboard system in the Philippines.

xEnergy solutions can be deployed to protect, control, and isolate electrical equipment in a wide range of industrial, healthcare, and data center applications. The partnership authorizes Electrotrade Industries to distribute Eaton’s Circuit Protection and Control products.

With over 100 years of experience on its plate since the 1970s, Eaton has carved a reputation for itself as a leader in power management solutions. Through this partnership, it will broaden its presence in the Philippine market as a contributor to the country’s electrification and energy transition efforts.

Eaton’s xEnergy system deploys various configurations to optimize performance, enhance safety and save space. The solution offers a broad range of fixed, removable, and withdrawable configurations for power distribution and motor control applications. Integrated with Eaton’s IEC components, the system can also cater to growing type-tested panel requirements in the Philippines. Furthermore, its design-verified switchgear assembly keeps business operations running safely as it reduces the risk of downtime.

“Raising operational performance and growth while navigating the energy transition is not easy, especially with the challenges that Covid-19 has brought for businesses. These constraints have made it more important than ever for us to deliver efficient power solutions to companies. We’re confident that our partnership with Eaton will place us in a stronger position to meet the country’s growing electrical needs,” said Erwin Buling, President of Electrotrade Industries Inc.


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