President Rodrigo Duterte’s threat against telco giants pointing out their “lousy service” is only a diversionary tactic to cover up his failure to create a plan in addressing the COVID-19 crisis, according to a telco expert.

“Doon sa kaniyang SONA, wala siyang sinabi tungkol sa ano ang gagawing plano mula ngayon hanggang sa end ng kaniyang term tungkol sa pandemic,” said co-founder Pierre Tito Galla.

Galla underscored that if the government is taking the quality of Internet service seriously, it should move to pass information and communications technology (ICT) reform bills filed in Congress. The bills include measures on open access in data transmission, spectrum management reform, and other laws seeking to amend telco policies.

On a related note, some senators also believe that the president’s threat against telcos only does more harm rather than addressing the issue.


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