President Rodrigo Duterte. LSD.

The rollout of telco towers has been aggressive since President Rodrigo Duterte called out local government units (LGUs) to remove red tape that hinders that the expansion of networks and improvement of Internet connectivity in the Philippines.

Duterte expressed his satisfaction that giant telcos can now secure permits faster and are free from the inconvenience caused by several requirements.

Previously, the processing of permits to set up a cell tower would take several months. Now, LGUs have been complying with the three-day rule to release the permits.

PLDT’s Smart Communications and Globe Telecom have been bolstering their target capital expenditures to expand their infrastructures and improve Internet connectivity in the country.

Third telco player DITO Telecommunication is quite fortunate that it already enjoys the benefits of the government’s new policy prior to its launch next year. The problem of red tape plagued long-time operators Globe and Smart for more than a decade.


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