This year, Duolingo launches a personalized feature that lets users take a memory lane trip, much like Spotify’s Wrapped 2021.

Users who have completed at least 10 Duolingo lessons in 2021 can access the feature and take a look back at what kind of language learner they are.

Globally, Duolingo reported that the top five languages learned on the app this year were Spanish, English, French, Japanese, and German. However, Korean is also rising in popularity as well. Duolingo interpreted this report that pop culture has inspired people to learn a new language.

According to the company’s survey, a “cultural event” might inspire users to try to pick up a new language. About 29% percent of users said TikTok videos in other languages served as motivation. Alternatively, some others got inspired to learn a new language from streaming shows, such as Squid Game which took up 28% of users deciding to learn Korean after watching the series.

The app also added the phrase for the year, which is “I am mentally exhausted,” something that wraps 2021, unironically.

Duolingo is a language-learning website and mobile app. It currently has 40 languages to learn from, which is available to download on either Android or iOS devices.


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