As the new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases escalate day by day, it is a matter of a right for all citizens of the Philippines to have access to health in this time of crisis. In light of this, doctors took up more effort in ensuring everyone is safe and risk-free by volunteering a consulting service for free and online.

Filipinos and Philippine-residence alike may now consult concerning Covid-19 to volunteer doctors from government-owned and controlled corporation Lung Center of the Philippines through a recently- launched Facebook page called, “Lung Center COVID Ask Force” absolutely free of charge, whenever and wherever you are at home.


To get your free consultation, simply open “Send Message” and click “Get Started” from the popped up message. From there, you will be given a series of options depending on your concerns related to Covid-19 and similar matters. Depending on the time schedule, it is active and highly responsive, guaranteed speedy consultations in regards to your health and the disease.

“Very polite and competent Lung Center Doctors. My fears about this virus were addressed. Dr. Zalderiaga the doctor I spoke to was very nice and knowledgeable and shared even some tips on basic sanitation. and wellness. Our modern heroes!!” posted among the positive reviews given to the Lung Center COVID Ask Force.

Get your free online Covid-19 consultation by visiting the Facebook page immediately here: