DITO warns not to purchase unofficial DITO WiFi devices


DITO advised the public only to purchase its products on legitimate and authorized sellers amid the growing online sales of unofficial DITO SIM cards and WiFi devices.

“We wish to inform everyone that unscrupulous individuals are selling DITO so-called vanity or special numbers at exorbitant prices. Please be reminded that all DITO sim cards, no matter the mobile number, are priced the same, and we at DITO do not condone this practice,” said Atty. Adel Tamano, DITO Chief Administrative Officer.

Tamano also clarified that there are no official DITO modems or pocket WiFi devices in its market. He warned not to purchase any of the unofficial DITO-branded modems and other WiFi devices in the online marketplace.

“Let me take this opportunity to assure the public that the unauthorized use of the DITO branding in any form shall result in the possibility of prosecution for intellectual property infringement,” informed Tamano.

“DITO cannot and will not guarantee the performance and service should our SIM cards be used in these unauthorized devices in the market today,” he added.

The complete list of authorized partners, resellers, and official stores are available on DITO’s official website. DITO SIM cards are public in DITO’s official Lazada and Shopee channels.

As for purchasing true vanity number SIM cards, Tamano confirmed that DITO would make them available in the future.