Political scientist Julio Teehankee said that President Rodrigo Duterte’s declaration of dismantling the oligarchy is only part of his self-proclaimed “war on many” fronts, akin to dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ alibi for putting the Philippines under martial law in 1972.

“One president’s oligarch is another’s crony — this has always been the system in the Philippines,” Teehankee wrote on East Asia Forum. “As Duterte’s critics point out, his own set of cronies look just like an emerging oligarchy. An example is Davao-based businessman and Duterte campaign contributor Dennis Uy.”

Uy owned third telco player DITO Telecommunity alongside Beijing-run China Telecom. The new telco vowed to provide exceptional connectivity and break the duopoly of Globe Telecom and PLDT Inc. DITO also plans to enter content creation, an area already occupied by ABS-CBN.

In his 5th State Nation Address (SONA), Duterte threatened to expropriate the two incumbent  telcos for their sub-par services.


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