The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) orders all management information system (MIS) operators to integrate the latest cryptographic protocols for all government websites. These regulations was issued on April 16, Department Circular 007, aiming to guarantee a well-encrypted and well-secured information systems from cyber attacks.

The circular prescribes that all designated MIS administrators must transfer and configure all existing web portals to the latest installment of the Transport Layer Security (TLS), a cryptographic protocol mainly used for end-to-end security for transactions made over the Internet, aiming to prevent the events of network eavesdropping, data tampering and message forging.

“We would like to promote responsibility and accountability among our IT practitioners in the government, especially among our MIS administrators. During this ECQ, cybercrimes are prevalent. And, to contribute to the administration’s efforts of keeping the people safe from the coronavirus, we should likewise keep them safe from threats against their data privacy and cybersecurity,” Assistant Secretary Emmanuel Rey Caintic stated.

This Circular takes effect immediately in the light of declared public health emergency posed by the present coronavirus disease (Covid-19) that had made impact in the information and communications technology systems (ICT) that has a major role in the pandemic.



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