Positech Games reveals the comeback of the government simulation game, Democracy 4.

With this new installment, players will play the crucial role of the head of a democratic government that pulls them into the “series of interesting, serious, and agonizing decisions” that politicians must take, according to designer and lead programmer Cliff Harris.

If you’re a player with strong political beliefs, this may be the very game to test them out. There’s no politics or philosophy degree to play “Democracy 4,” but through this game, you will dive into the “the reality of economics and politics.”

“Ultimately, it’s a good way of showing if a policy is unpopular. Then you can drill down and find that your tax may have been a good idea for what you wanted to do, but frankly, this demographic group can’t afford it,” Harris explained.

“If it takes a long time to fix stuff, you need to stay in power. To stay in power, you need to keep people hungry for what you’re proposing. That’s the sort of thing that you learn if you play the ‘Democracy’ games,” he added.

“Democracy 4” is available via Positech Games, with a broader round of publicity and Steam Early Access launch by November.


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