Want something bone-chilling to play this holiday season? Look no further with Dead Siren, a visual novel horror game created by Filipino independent game developer Kirinoya Studios.

The story of Dead Siren is set sometime between the late 1900s Philippines. You play the role of Samantha, familiarizing yourself in a peaceful but secluded town outside Manila, called Maria Cristobal. The town plays an old siren every night that signals curfew hours.

As the story progresses, Samantha discovers that it’s much more than a siren. Bizarre things keep on happening in the town as her curiosity gets the best of her.

As a player, you will have to investigate crimes in the form of riddle-solving and must have a keen eye for details, all the while gradually having doubts about everyone around you, but how far can you go on?

True to its visual novel elements, it’s up to the players to make the right choice that would determine the story’s outcome. Either you will proceed to the next scenario or end up in a horrid conclusion, Dead Siren will keep the gears on your head working and hope for the best— or prepare for the worst.

Dead Siren is available to download at itch.io (https://kirinoyastudios.itch.io/dead-siren-visualnovel) for less than P50.


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