Justin McLeod, who launched Hinge in 2011, thinks that dating apps should be focused on getting people offline. Hinge’s tag line is “the app that’s designed to be deleted.” Courtesy of Hinge via AP.


While dating apps as a platform to find a romantic relationship had become more commonplace nowadays, most users are now unenthused with the usual mechanics. Although they’re not literally Dora the Explorer, they are insisting on “no swiping” for the dating platform, and for good reasons.

Common dating apps involved the countless swiping and pen-paling that has little to no chance of getting to long-term relationships, based on industry leaders who are addressing alternatives to such mechanism, and instead, provide users to get out of their comfort zone and meet people personally- in the real world.

Leaders such as David Vermeulen who founded Inner Circle in 2012 and Justin McLeod who launched Hinge 2011 are such leaders who are advocating for such ideals.

Inner Circle is the Dating App Perfect for Travelers ...
The Inner Circle offers “Let’s Meet” option for a straightaway personal dating. Courtesy of The Inner Circle.

Inner Circle focuses on curating users looking for meaningful connections and even made efforts in hosting offline events in cities across the world in the service of doing just that among his 2-million+ members.

“They really now are looking for something more serious, something more genuine,” Vermeulen said.

Hinge, on the other hand, had its swipe option removed since 2016 and developed its platform in getting people offline, as per their app tag line quoted “designed to be deleted.” Hinge integrated the “most compatible” function, which assuages the overwhelming dump of options for potential dates, which “really helps people focus and get out on dates faster.”

For Inner Circle’s improvement of quality-dating, they plan to add a “Let’s Meet” button to speed up the pathway from app to real-life date.

“If you both click it, you can within the chat select days and venues that we propose and then you can go on a date really quickly. And I mean going out for a coffee. I mean, that’s the first step. But for a lot of people, it’s quite a big step and we tried to make that much more easy,” Vermeulen said.

In addition, Inner Circle is also planning to have an automated response to anyone who just messages “Hi” as an introduction, which he said is often a dead-end to dating, by punching in “OK, this is not the best start for a conversation. You have to do better,” shared Vermeulen.