Content creators on the Internet are popular these days. They vary according to what content or idea they share: it could be vlogging, streaming, online writing, podcasting, or social media content creation, among others.

Whether they do this as a hobby or for a living, however, they must always be just as careful in sharing content as how netizens share their materials online. Being reckless may not only hurt those who create content but also those who follow them.

This was the case with online personality and famous cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao, who asked for her fans’ emails to join a live stream game with her through the comment section.

It didn’t take long for phishing scammers to create a hook out of the situation, sending dangerous links guise as a Discord invitation, with fans who had publicly shared their emails unaware they’ve been victimized.

Gosiengfiao issued an apology following the bombardment of fans’ complaints, reasoning out that she was not aware of how online attackers exploit public information.

The Internet is both an attractive and dangerous place. Being online gives us more freedom than what’s offered in real life, but being too open to what we reveal can be detrimental to our security and privacy.

While mistakes can happen, content creators should always be mindful of what they share and incite their fans to share on the Internet.


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