Connected Women has partnered with EU-UN Women’s WeEmpowerAsia program to train women with or without experience for jobs that are essential in any field that uses artificial intelligence (AI).

The #WomenRiseAboveCovid program aims to help and empower women amid the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

UN Women’s Ma. Rosalyn Mesina, WeEmpowerAsia Philippines country program manager, hopes that the project will provide more job opportunities for women.

Through the help of private and public sectors, the Connected Women community currently has 70,000 members nationwide, with 70 members chosen to be part of its initial training for Elevate AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Data Annotation) for basic data labeling skills.

Connected Women is founded by Gina Romero, a Philippine-based social impact tech startup that offers technology skills development and remote work opportunities for women. The company is set to train 200 women by the end of 2020 and even more by 2021.


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