When one asks the best kinds of keyboards out there, it’s the mechanical types for gamers. Not only can you personalize the keyboard to your aesthetics, but they’re also tactile, durable, and comfortable.

Whether you’re just starting out boosting your gaming computer set or wanting to find a new design to pretty up your mechanical keyboard before the year ends, there are e-commerce channels or online stores you can check out.


The website houses all sorts of second-handed but quality-wise computer parts and accessories, including varieties of mechanical keyboards that made them affordable.

Some only want to get their hands on a mechanical keyboard that cares more about the cost than the style, so this site is recommended to where you look first.

Mechanical Keyboard Warriors PH (Facebook)

A Facebook group page consisted of Pinoys fans of mech keyboards and discussed it — from essential guides to shopping to organize group buys.

Those taking their time to assemble their first-ever mech keyboard would not go wrong with this friendly community.

Kedem Computers (Online Store, Facebook)

Another online store worth checking out for their similarly affordable assortments of keyboards that doesn’t go beyond the 2K price range.

KBDfans.ph (Facebook)

A noteworthy Philippines-based mechanical keyboards store, KBDfans PH sells keyboards, accessories, and kits catered to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.

Bonus: Artisan Keycaps

Looking for keycaps that are Pinoy handmade using resin and resin molds or baked clay?

These Facebook shops are recommended for having good reviews and eye-catching designs to flourish your keyboard.

Unsure what to look for in a mech keyboard? Visit a Reddit community for keyboard enthusiasts at https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/ to catch some inspiration!


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