Christmas 2020 goes virtual: Will it work?


The year 2020 is a new normal, digitally different, both good and bad, as it changes how we communicate and how we celebrate Christmas.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has directed internet service providers and telecommunications companies to prepare for the most crowded internet traffic surge ever expected this month. Christmas will be done online while the pandemic goes on in the Philippines.

Filipinos who are persistent with Christmas carols should do it online. Physically apart families have to spend time together behind screens through Zoom. Giving gifts would consist of online shopping and online delivery.

The NTC enforced a memo to companies to prepare for the worst-case scenarios, such as network disruption or downtime, when internet traffic surge happens.

This scenario can be addressed through increasing internet or broadband capacities, ensuring business continuity, or establishing disaster recovery protocols in place and functioning 24/7, according to the NTC.

There’s no question that telcos, in particular, have been visibly grinding their way to ensure that their services meet connectivity demands.

We have Globe Telecom taking a more bottom-up approach by partnering with several local government units (LGUs) nationwide to provide affordable internet access to residents and communities nationwide via KonekTayo WiFi or KapitWiFi. Recent collaborations with the LGUs of General Santos City and Koronadal City provide residents an accessible and secure community Wi-Fi service within these cities.

Smart Communications, on the other hand, is finding high-end tech solutions to upgrade their network services and operations through the recent deployment of an AI-oriented data-driven site analytics solution with Ericsson.

Internet connection was taken for granted until the pandemic hit the country. While the Philippines is undoubtedly lagging in terms of fast and reliable Internet connection, there is plenty of evidence that proves both government and private companies are working together to ensure Filipinos would have the connectivity they deserved to celebrate Christmas.