Image courtesy from Chevrolet Philippines.

The Covid-19 pandemic compelled car companies to change the way they operate. In the Philippines, carmakers had established their respective operational guidelines to implement once the country transition into the general community quarantine (GCQ). For Chevrolet, the company took a different approach to enforce physical distancing.

Thanks to the ”Tech Eyes” online vehicle diagnostics program, Chevrolet Philippines enables service technicians to perform vehicle diagnosis remotely to assist aftersales experts and service engineers from The Covenant Car Company, Inc.

Through the use of scanning tools, wireless headphones, and high-definition webcams, technicians and sellers will not have to worry about car maintenance amid social distancing. Technicians can identify vehicle issues from the distance and real-time even to the most technically intricate ones. The program allows the local team to ask for assistance from offshore engineers of General Motors when needed.

“Repairs conducted with Tech Eyes support is expected to achieve efficient completion rates, lessening the time spent of vehicles in services bays, and deliver a higher level of servicing and more attentive client support,” read in Chevrolet’s’s statement.

Thailand became the first to implement the ”Tech Eyes” program, with the Philippines currently adopting and rolling it out to other markets.

Once dealerships resume business operations, all Chevrolet service centers will utilize ‘Tech Eyes.’ What’s more, the Chevrolet also plans to kick off its Certified Service Caravan in the future.


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