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DITO Telecommunity as 3rd telco might be more of a bane than a boon


Social media has always been abuzz about the public clamor for better Internet connectivity in the Philippines, with many Filipinos believing that a third telco player can resolve the problem. In a country like ours where the population primarily consists of younger and more tech-savvy individuals compared to some of ...

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Philippine skies become unclouded amidst Covid-19


When there was a positive outlook of the lockdown brought about by the Covid-19 shown across the world with its significant drop of air pollution, the Philippines, too, has recently shown major difference in its environment. Some netizens have captured such sights and shown them to various social media platforms for ...

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5 Filipinos feature in Forbes Asia’s “30 Under 30”


In Forbe’s Asia magazine’s “30 Under 30”, 5 young Filipinos were enlisted for this decade, who shared a personality of being bright and innovate young leaders below the age of 30 and described them as youths who are “challenging conventional wisdom and rewriting the rules for the next generation.” Francis ...

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TNC releases ultimate pancit canton gaming keyboard!


In collaboration with Phoenix Apparel, TNC Cyber Cafe announced on its Facebook page of a newly released Ultimate Pancit Canton Gaming Keyboard, designed for gamers who are craving for pancit canton at this time of summer pandemonium, to enjoy the classic delicacy whilst still in your gaming session. The pancit ...

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Using malls as quarantine zones via MRT


Facebook post from a netizen suggests a strategy of using MRT as the main transport line and medical corridor that seamlessly transfer them to different malls in case number of patients gets overwhelming. “Assuming we hit 50,000 patients and medical transport gets overwhelmed – malls would make perfect quarantine zones for the ...

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COVID-19 case: Facts so far


Based on the distinctive patterns of infection from lung scans of the most affected Covid-19 patients offers few clues that might aid in treating pneumonia. What’s already established is that age is a critical factor in virus infection and survival, specifically due to human lungs having less reserve capacity as ...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger donates $1 million to Frontline Responders Fund


Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger has donated $1 million (around P51 million) to health workers and frontliners in the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic within the Frontline Responders Fund and encouraged others to also lend a hand, announced in his Instagram page yesterday, March 25. “I never believed in sitting on the ...

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Book publishers and libraries offers ebooks free for all amidst Covid-19


Both the book industry and libraries had to temporarily suspend their services due to the outbreak of Covid-19 that had become a global pandemonium. Many nations were compelled its citizens to be quarantined mandated by its leaders to avoid more risk from virus contamination. Such lockdown measures, however, may pose ...

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Doctors are online! Get your free consultation about Covid-19 concerns


As the new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases escalate day by day, it is a matter of a right for all citizens of the Philippines to have access to health in this time of crisis. In light of this, doctors took up more effort in ensuring everyone is safe and risk-free ...

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LINE Webtoon creators remind readers hygiene practices amidst Covid-19

Screen captured from Line Webtoons.

Naver-based webtoon publishing platform LINE Webtoon published an informative compilation of comics made by popular artists in the platform called, “Staying Healthy Together”. Each short episode provided tips and reminders during the new coronavirus pandemic affecting the world to stay healthy and infectious-free, following the guidelines or protocols from the ...

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