Many tech-savvy Filipinos would want to buy a new smartphone to keep themselves up with the trend. Buying a new phone for this reason, however, is actually wasteful.

Thankfully, there are ways for you to repurpose your old phone to get a new one without feeling guilty.

Give it to your family or relatives who don’t have one

Having an extra phone means you have to give it to someone else, a practice among Filipino families to hand down their old items to relatives or friends.

Reset your old phone, insert it with a new SIM card, and lend it to someone who doesn’t have a phone and needs it for communications.

Use it as a home phone/emergency phone

Instead of having a landline at home, having an extra unused phone could be more handy and less costly, especially in emergencies. Install on it instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or emergency-wise apps like Firechat. You don’t need to power it with a SIM if you have Wi-Fi at home.

Convert your old phone into a remote

Smart appliances and furniture such as smart TVs or smart washing machines are becoming more common among Filipino households.

If you have any of these, you may use your old phone as a remote for this purpose. You only need to install a universal remote app to enjoy a better wireless remote experience than a regular limited remote.

Donate your old phone

With the ongoing pandemic, smartphones are considered essential nowadays for their multipurpose features.

For this reason, donating you old phone would be more helpful than just throwing it away, especially if it still works perfectly.

Live up to the Christmas spirit and donate your old phone to a non-profit organization to hand it down to those who needed it the most.


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