BuddeComm released a new analysis report that details major developments and key aspects of the Philippine telecommunications industry.

According to the report, the fixed-line network market remains underdeveloped in the country, partially caused by the under-investment in fixed infrastructure and more focus on mobile broadband.

The report projects that the telco sector will invest more in supporting fiber infrastructure in urban areas and 5G infrastructure in the coming years.

It forecasts that mobile subscriber growth will be relatively low during the next five years, driven by the continuing migration to LTE and the take-up of 5G services in 2021.

The report also sees the competition in the telco sector will intensify from 2021 with the anticipated entry of DITO Telecommunity, despite the delay in its progress, and a possible push from NOW Telecom, the country’s fourth telco player.

Overall, BuddeComm noted that the outbreak of COVID-19 affected the telco sector, expecting a likely downturn experience in mobile device production, as well as difficulties for network operators in maintaining and upgrading existing network infrastructure due to slow workflows.

For more details on the report, visit BuddeComm’s website.


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