all-in housing loan

BPI has finally brought a new practical solution for Filipinos to own their dream homes. The bank’s announcement of an all-in financing housing loan payment solution makes homeownership more obtainable for their clients.

It offers an option to include upfront fees and charges into the loan amortizations, which will be automatically paid through the client’s auto-debit arrangement (ADA) account with BPI.

“Clients have less to worry about because the fees and charges, which is about 3% of the total loan amount, is folded into the monthly amortizations and spread throughout the loan term,” said Dennis Fronda, BPI Head of Retail Loans.

For instance, housing loans could cost an average of PHP 3.5 million, but BPI’s all-in financing housing loan solution will spare homeowners having to pay up an average of PHP 105,000 upfront.

This new housing loan offering is now available in all BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank branches nationwide.


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