Genshin Impact blew up on Twitter, but not for a good reason. It has come to players’ attention that the popular role-playing game contains alleged questionable content and has been making attempts to “boycott” the game.

One of the most prominent is implied racism in the game. Players have raised concerns about culture and people of color portrayed. Basically, the “enemies” in Genshin Impact, called Hilichurls, are compared to indigenous American folk. It was reported that the developer, miHoYo, claimed they were inspired by native American attire when they created the Hilichulrs.

“Having darker skin and both of them being seen as sly or villainous and having colorist remarks about them by other characters. This is harmful to any player with darker skin and pushes the idea that darker-skinned individuals are somehow lesser than lighter-skinned peoples,” surmised by a user in a Tweet.

However, some players who don’t agree to the said concern argued that Hilichurls aren’t completely portrayed as mere bad guys, that there are deeper lore behind them that is yet to be explored and has a possibility for more content in the following future about these mysterious groups.

Besides racism, players also pointed out pedophilic elements within the game, particularly the supposed love story between two non-playable characters (NPCs). A visibly young man, Ulfr, claims to be in love with Flora, who seems to be a young child. However, there is no clear indication of the ages between these two NPCs.

Perhaps the most grating for players is the supposed “pushed content” complained by many. Gamers accused the company of delaying content releases, such as new storyline and Inuzama maps, for the sake of profiting more. These accusations of delayed content, however, stemmed from “leaks” of an unconfirmed source.

But despite the following strong calling out to the game, the players don’t actually want to literally shun the game per se. Instead, the players attempted to make the alleged issues known and email these concerns to the developers.

With all the chaos brewing within the social media platform, there’s no comment from the developer’s side as of yet.


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