Know anyone who loyally stuck to their Blackberry phones? Unfortunately for them, the company announced it would be shutting down services on its legacy devices with its software. That being, the BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier devices.

Functions include WiFi, data, phone calls, SMS, and 9-1-1 are no longer available for use, making them obsolete for communication.

Of course, this won’t affect Blackberry phones using the Android operating system. However, the company noted that those using its hosted email addresses or email redirection for such addresses must move to a new email address.

The company had successfully transitioned from an iconic qwerty-keyboard phone brand to a cybersecurity software company. From now on, it become a company “providing security software and services to enterprises and governments” worldwide.

Just like today, it’s a new beginning for Blackberry. The company thanked its users for their loyal support.

“We thank our many loyal customers and partners over the years and invite you to learn more about how BlackBerry provides intelligent security software and services to enterprises and governments around the world,” the company said in its announcement post.


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