While the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented and harsh, Filipinos still find a way to turn it into an opportunity. This is evident with several Filipinos shifting their traditional business to digital and online means or creating new online business altogether.

As flexible Filipinos are in their way of life; however, adapting to new ways still doesn’t come easy. For one, building a website is among the steps not-so-tech-savvy Filipinos have to deal with to promote their business forward.

Fortunately, Filipinos can create a website on their own that doesn’t require a lot of mind-bending coding. By using the right website builders that suit their needs, any Filipino can put up their small business online through available website platforms.

With that in mind, here are the best three website builders to choose from:

50 Best Shopify Stores to Inspire New Entrepreneurs in 2020
Website sample from Shopify.

A website builder meant for e-commerce platforms, Shopify caters to merchants needing to put up their products online for the first time.

Frankly, this is recommended for anyone who wants to build their e-commerce website without doing any coding. This includes lining up products to sell and providing online payment options online.

Take note that this website builder doesn’t offer language features in its standard or free website.

Depending on how big the online business has to be and which website features are needed, the cheapest pricing is worth $26 or around PHP 1,200 per month. This doesn’t include the payment option features, which comes with additional charges.

107+ Wix Website Examples You Can Copy! [Nov 2018]
Wix website example.
Wix is the perfect website builder who is pretty much only familiar in dragging-and-dropping icons in their computers– because that’s what they’ll be doing for most of the duration in building their website.

The basics of basics, Wix allow users to pretty up their website with beautiful lists of customizable designs in a simple way as dragging and dropping stickers to a paper. This is highly recommended if owners want to focus more on introducing their business in its most presentable manner possible or just plain showing off.

But asking for added features, it’s best not to rely on this one, as among the significant downside using Wix is not having 24/7 customer support, which is needed for checking if your website is running well or not.

Just like the first-mentioned website builder, Wix offers various subscription packages to suit users’ needs from their website. The most affordable one, called Business Basic, costs $23 per month or around PHP 1,100.

28 Examples of GoDaddy Websites We Think Are Nice
Sample of GoDaddy Website.

Similarly to Wix, GoDaddy is easy-breezy to use. Users can practically create a website in less than an hour. It has available features and options that cater for e-commerce or online selling as well.

For those who want a more ‘simple is better’ vibe on their website and don’t want to spend as little time as possible in even creating one, this is highly recommended. Likewise, GoDaddy doesn’t give the flashy design temples and multiple customizations that Wix offers. Promoting direct-to-the-point small online business or service will suit well to create a website from GoDaddy.

While plain and straightforward, GoDaddy offers the most affordable subscription plan for as low as $10 or around PHP 500 per month for its Basic plan, which includes email marketing or appointment scheduling feature, plus VIP customer support. However, opting for the e-commerce plan costs $25 per month, give or take.


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