Road traffic is inevitable in Metro Manila, even during rush hours amid the pandemic.

Here are some apps that we recommend to beat traffic and other annoyances that you might encounter while on the road:

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a nifty, free virtual assistant driving app that voices out commands while allowing you to focus on the path ahead.

Apart from acting as a traffic guide, it can make your phone play music, respond to text messages, find information, set a schedule, search for directions, and more. Just say “Hey, Google.”

Google Maps

Google Maps works well with Google Assistant. Android’s built-in app includes updated information on local places, traffic conditions, public transit, or wheelchair accessibility places. iOS users need to download and install it separately.


Waze provides you with up-to-date traffic information and lets you know other road hindrances. It also comes with a selection of voice-overs that are even provided by some popular celebrities.


Spotify houses millions of songs and podcasts to beat boredom and fill the silence while being trapped in the middle of a traffic jam. The app offers playlists that are perfect for traveling, which you can download to listen to even offline.


Drivemode is an app that makes your phone more accessible while driving. The simple interface allows you to easily access apps, contacts, and widgets. It’s also designed to integrate with the apps mentioned above.


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