BDO hacking incident here’s what you can do about it


As you may have heard, several BDO customers’ bank accounts were compromised by a hacker using a fake name to transfer their victim’s money to UnionBank accounts.

If you’re also a BDO user but one of the lucky ones, that’s great! BDO is coordinating with the Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and UnionBank on the hacking incident, so we might have to leave all the messy stuff to them.

However, as bank holders, it’s perfectly understandable to be extremely worried that your account would be next. So without further ado, here are a few things that could help, so you won’t become one of the victims of the BDO hacking incident.

Change your BDO account password

The bank had advised all of its customers and clients to change their account passwords. To do that, you have to visit to change your password into a new and better one. Then, log on to your BDO Online Banking account on the website. Note that doing so requires an OTP, which will be given to your registered mobile number.

Otherwise, you can also call the BDO Call Center and request a Password or PIN reset.

Transfer bank money to another bank account

Suppose you’re all too worried about the money you have in your BDO account, especially if you have an enormous amount shelved in there. In that case, transferring it to somewhere else much safer is also another option- just until BSP finally solved the hacking incident.

You can withdraw a portion physically through ATMs, or you can transfer them to a different bank you’re holding or through an e-wallet service you signed up to.

Whether you’ve settled with just changing your password or wouldn’t take the risk and pull the money off the bank, remember to make your decisions calmly and rationally.