Wonder how some people take beautiful photos from their smartphone?

Rather than investing in expensive phones with the best camera features, it sometimes takes to know only some basic techniques to take beautiful shots.

Whether you want to get the hang of mobile photography or fine-tune your selfies, these essential tips will help you take pictures like a pro.

Better Lighting

silver iPhone 6s
Photo by Yarden. Unsplash.

Lighting is your staple in photography that sets the tone, mood, and atmosphere of your photos. Correctly manipulating the light will result in good texture and vibrant color on your subject.

There are two types of lighting: natural and artificial. While natural lighting produces high-definition photos effortlessly, artificial lighting is trickier.

The White Balance (WB) tool helps you get the right mood of your shots. You can tweak and experiment with it at your will to get the color suitable for your photo.

Use of Gridlines

person holding a phone taking a picture of golden hour
Photo by Konstantin Pudan. Unsplash.

The use of gridlines is based on a photographic composition principle called the “rule of thirds, where you don’t put your subject squarely in the middle of the frame but on the lines intersecting one another, thereby makes your photos look balanced.

You make use of the intersecting lines as guidance to make your shot look more natural and level. You can activate the gridline tool on your phone in the camera settings.

Avoid Overusing Zoom

Photo by Zac Wolff. Unsplash.

People tend to overestimate digital zooming to take photos to the point it becomes one of the most sought-over camera features in a smartphone. While zooming has its benefits, it’s not feasible to use on most phones as it downgrades the quality of your shots.

Instead of zooming in, it’s recommended to take close shots instead to get a better resolution of your subject. Unless you have a macro camera feature, you should not get too close to the subject either as it loses focus.

You can also experiment with your phone’s focus settings for better control if auto-focus doesn’t deliver up to your standards.


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