“We made space cookies and milk for Santa this year.” - Ms Koch, Dec. 2019
“We made space cookies and milk for Santa this year.” – Ms Koch, Dec. 2019

Astronauts from International Space Station have baked first-ever cookies in space, but it takes two hours longer than on Earth.

Ms Koch who tweeted from Space in December 2019, talked about baking cookies in a prototype oven built by NanoRacks and Zero G Kitchen, companies that innovates appliances for microgravity use in long-duration space flights.

On Earth, cookies regularly takes 15-20 minutes to bake. However, the experiment by Astronauts showed the cookies are best baked after two hours in the oven in space. The two attempts in baking the cookies made from raw ingredients in space were still under-baked after being in the oven for 25 and 75 minutes, respectively.

The aim of the experiment was to study cooking options for long endeavors in space, in which cookies happened to be one of the preliminary experiments. On January 7, three attempted baked cookies were sealed in individual baking pouches and was returned to Earth on the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft for further testing, such as its edibility. Such tests will be done by food science professionals to conclude the final results of the experiments.

“There’s still a lot to look into to figure out really what’s driving that difference, but definitely a cool result. Overall, I think it’s a pretty awesome first experiment,” said Texas-based Nanoracks Manager Mary Murphy.

“While we have initial visual and scent feedback from the crew aboard the ISS, we’re excited to dive into fully understanding the baking results – including breaking down why the bake time and temperature in space varies from what we are used to seeing on Earth,” she added.