On noon Tuesday, France follows after Italy and Spain, putting the country under a strict lockdown for a period of at least 15 days. French spaceman Thomas Pesquet, who is more than just familiar to live in tightly confined quarters, sees to it to offer his knowledge as an astronaut on how to manage oneself during a lockdown via on Twitter.

Astronaut Pesquet’s first tip, according to the video, is to do some digital decluttering, in which he made an example of him cleaning out his digital photo album and posting them on social media.

Another is to read books! Showing his personal library, he said that he’ll likely catch up on his reading or revisit some finished classics. He also advised families with kids to get a hand on at model rockets and space stations to pass the time.

He also shows off his sleeping bag tucked inside the closet to replicate the experience of sleeping vertically in space, stating he’s no stranger to extremely snug… spaces.

He ended the video with a reminder of following the instruction of government officials, appealing to his Frenchmen to stay home.