Google Maps Hack by Simon Weckert
Simon Weckert is an artist with his home base in Berlin.

This article is sourced from Android Authority website.

Artist Simon Weckert, who tinkered with Google Maps to create virtual traffic jams on the streets, revealed to us in YouTube how he managed to do it.

Weckert loaded 99 smartphones, with Google Maps actively open, into a wagon, before having someone wheel it around the streets in Berlin, including outside the Google office. All smartphones in the wagon had their own connected SIM card and each one was actively using Maps for navigation, which he discovered that Maps would pick up signals of a traffic jam when the wagon is consistently in motion. It won’t show any traffic jams when the wagon isn’t constantly rolling. Furthermore, Maps would also show traffic as normal if a vehicle drove by the wagon at a normal speed.

What does Google have to say about this? They love it, of course.

“Whether via car or cart or camel, we love seeing creative uses of Google Maps as it helps us make maps work better over time.” It said, in which they assured its commitment to making better, accurate Maps.

So far, Google clarified that Google Map can detect the difference between cars and motorcycles in some regions around the world. It hasn’t found the algorithm for wagons as of yet.